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DIKY - the Reverse Social Network

“Find what you love and let it kill you.”      ~ Charles Bukowski

Well that’s not just some cheesy quote to begin with; that actually is happening live in the life of someone! Someone who has had a roller coaster career; who has had his faith, challenged umpteen times yet has come back every time motivated than ever.

A few months ago he shut down his second start up (yes! you read it right) and was planning to take a trip to Ladakh to retrospect! Meanwhile he also started browsing for possible job options, but wasn’t he a maverick! He ended up looking at the hottest start-ups which got funded in 2014 and from there got the idea for his latest venture. He stumbled upon something called as Knozen, a corporate ice breaking concept launched in US. That was enough fire for him to light two sleepless nights with contemplating how the same could be applied to a broader audience in a social setting; 48 hours later he was convinced that this was an idea worth sacrificing his Ladakh trip for! Next day, he called up everyone who could join his new team.

Thus, this is how the story unfolded for one of our most prized alumni Aditya Ahluwalia (and his team’s) latest sensation in the field of social media start-ups− DIKY!

So what is the idea behind DIKY?

DIKY or Do I Know You plans to “Introduce Personality to Social Networking”

“DIKY as an idea was born, to make discovering and connecting with people around us, simple and authentic. To do the same, we figured that we required more trustworthy data points, to match people with each other, for any activity. The metric we zeroed down upon is a person's crowd sourced personality or simply what his friends and family think about him/her.

DIKY is the world's coolest vouching platform where your friends and family can vouch for you in a Fun, Anonymous and Authentic manner and vice versa. What it tells you is, a person's most admired qualities (wise, kind, loyal etc) among his/her friend circle, and what are the activities (adventure junkie, techie, foodie etc) he or she is best known for. We call it the world's first reverse social network as for the first time your profile depends on the vouches you get from your friends and family :P

A lot of us look for that one single reason in person to make a connection, we plan to give you a lot of them :) Happy Vouching”

Sounds all fun and intuitive? But ask Aditya and he would tell you how arduous it was to accommodate the respective features to launch DIKY! He along with the team  built the first version of the app in 12 days and then sat down to iterate and as it frequently happens the iterations were caught in an infinite loop! The first version of the app was too simple, the second too complex; so the third version was simplified again using the learning from first two. According to Aditya, this was also the most difficult activity as being founders they wanted to show everything, but they had to narrow it down to what the users would actually use. This entire journey was a reinforcement for their vision and  lightened the path on which they could “Go To Market” for DIKY.

Another very stirring pre-launch activity was the marketing buzz of DIKY; as Aditya puts it, “it was perhaps our biggest motivation factor as we had begun testing the concept idea with people 60 days before our launch; We started doing content blogging to understand who the right audience was to initially target for DIKY. This resulted in a lot of positive PR around DIKY and we could understand how different people were perceiving the concept. This also helped us in our SEO efforts and we were able to be the first result when someone searches for “DIKY” or “Reverse Social Network” on Google.”

Aditya candidly confesses how much in love he and his team is with the DIKY concept, and particularly the experience that they actually haven’t had a new start-up idea after DIKY. In essentiality for team DIKY- there is no plan B, there’s no looking back! They believe they have the required discipline, the fire in their bellies and a great camaraderie; and all these ingredients shall bring more laurels and a great future ahead for DIKY :)

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