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An institute is known by its students. True to that, our former and current students have left no stone unturned in order to achieve and fulfil their, as well as the institute’s aspirations. Connecting with the alumni of the institute and ensuring a strong and healthy relationship with them forms the core of the Alumni Relations Committee.

The MDI Alumni Committee comprising of representatives of batches of the PGPM, NMP, Part-time PGPM, EMP, PPM and the FPM Courses, undertakes this responsibility of initiating, maintaining and renewing communication with the MDI alumnus.

Over the years, the committee has taken up several initiatives for the same. A quarterly newsletter MDI Chronicles – a compilation of all that has taken place in MDI recently as well as the accomplishments by the students in various domains are highlighted in the newsletter so that the alumni know their legacy rests in safe hands. Additionally, get-togethers for the alumni are arranged by means of a National Alumni Meet (in Gurgaon), Regional Alumni Meets in Mumbai and Bangalore and ‘Guftugu’ (informal coffee meets at various cities). A 10 year meet has also been started from 2014 wherein a batch that has completed 10 years of passing out from the institute is invited to relive their life at the campus over a weekend, complete with the hostel stay, classes by professors and lunch n’ dinner at the mess. The idea is to keep them connected to their alma mater so that they may contribute as well as benefit from the relationships they build here.

Apart from this, the Alumni Relations Committee also rolls out live projects for the students from various established entities our alumni work for. It not only helps the students gain industry exposure, but also provides them a chance to connect with respective alumnus and build relationships. The alumni also contribute to the current batch’s growth by guiding them into their summer and final placement process via mock interviews and group discussions. The feedback and insights provided by them guides the students towards preparing better to face the industry stalwarts in the actual process. It also gives the alumni an opportunity to gauge the current talent pool of the institution so that they may be able to pitch the same to their respective companies for future recruitment purposes. Additionally, once the summer placement process gets over, we provide mentors from among the alumni to the interning students from their respective companies so they can enter the organization with a few helpful tips already at hand.

Our initiatives have helped us achieve our mission of connecting with the alumni to a great extent and with our continuous efforts we look to strengthening this relationship even further and taking it to newer heights.